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What is 'Ham' Radio?

Amateur, or “ham”, radio is a radio service licensed and protected by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). The FCC has in place rules and regulations that govern the Amateur Radio Service. Amateur Radio is made up of primarily hobbyists, enthusiasts, and some who volunteer their radio communications skills to benefit the community in times of emergency or disaster.

In the past, ham radio has been very efficient in helping during disasters like the major hurricanes of 2005, wildfires in the west and midwest, the 2001 terrorist attacks, and many severe weather happenings around the world. During major disasters, normal lines of communication are often overcrowded or down. Emergency services like police, fire, and ambulance are often ill-equipped to handle large volumes of traffic. In steps ham radio. Providing hours upon hours of volunteer communications to area communities, they have the equipment and the networks in place to support the emergency communications needs.

It doesn’t take much to get involved. A little study from an inexpensive study book, pass a simple test, and you are on your way. The material is basic electronic and radio theory, and most people can learn it in less than a few weeks. Often, area clubs hold weekend classes to help those study for exams, which are also offered by area clubs. And, as of February 23, 2007, there is no Morse code requirement!

Once you pass your test, a low-cost transceiver can get you started. You can advance in your knowledge and upgrade your license also, thereby gaining more privileges. With a higher grade license, you can talk all over the world – all for free. Make new friends, join in radio contests, and communicate with other radio enthusiasts in all parts of the globe.

This list is updated quarterly Last updated 10/14/2021

Net Control Roster

 Our regular weekly Tuesday night net is on 146.940 Mhz at 9:00 PM. Please feel free to join our Net. If you live around Abilene you can use this repeater:

Abilene KD5YCY 167.9 444.000+ Often Linked w/146.94 BWD  on Tuesdays 9:00PM

to get in. If you would like to be added to the Net Control Roster rotation message us on Facebook or just get on the air and let someone know. Your request will find a way to the webmaster. (It’s communicating. It’s what we do.)

Sept 20, 2022 W5KIX Mike
Sept 27, 2022 WD9ARW Rich
Oct 4, 2022 WO5R Cotton
Oct 11, 2022 AG5YQ Les
Oct 18, 2022 WB5OOD Jay
Oct 25, 2022 AC5AS Bill
Nov 1, 2022 KI5TLG Nick
Nov 8, 2022 OPEN  
Nov 15, 2022 W5KIX Mike
Nov22, 2022 WD9ARW Rich
Nov 29, 2022 Wo5R Cotton
Dec 6, 2022 AG5YQ Les
Dec 13, 2022
Dec 20.2022
Dec 27,2022


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Meeting Schedule

We meet every 3rd Monday of the month at 7:00 pm. Location varies, so check our Facebook page for the latest.

Contact Us

    Repeaters are: 146.940- MHz, 94.8 tone 444.700+ MHz, 94.8 tone

    Brownwood, TX