Get On The Air!

When All Else Fails…

That’s what amateur, or “ham”, radio is all about. Bad weather, disasters both natural and man-made, power outages…. Hams are there with working equipment when cell phones, landlines, and other communications services are jammed and overloaded. Hams even help local authorities in missing persons searches and event coordination.

ChristineSo, how can you be a part of it? Or, perhaps you’re just interested in meeting new people around the world. Yes! Many hams speak with people from all over the world, every day, and it never costs them anything more than the investment in the equipment. Or, perhaps you and your whole family want to get licensed to have a convenient way to communicate with each other on vacations, going to the shopping mall, or just talking around town. Even kids as young as six years old have obtained their license! It’s really that easy!

All you need to get started is a study guide and perhaps some help from a local club or a ham radio operator who lives near you. The Brownwood Amateur Radio Club has plenty of members who would be willing to assist you in getting your license and getting on the air. One place to start is This web site has resources to get you started. You can get the question pools online at to study online! The B.A.R.C. has test sessions each month on the second Saturday starting at 10 a.m., so when you’re ready, you simply need to be at the test session with a small testing fee (currently $15), a picture ID (there are other means if you don’t have a picture ID, contact Griff for info) and you’re on your way! You can contact Allen Griffith at 325-998-6535 or e-mail

Our meetings are open to the public each third Monday of the month. Check our Calendar of Events to find out when and where each meeting is, and when test sessions are scheduled. Every quarter we have an “eating meeting” where we meet at a local restaurant and enjoy some family fun before a short business meeting. Anyone is welcome to attend any meeting. This way, we can get you the help you need to get started on your way to your first ham radio license!